Welcome to Fredriksdal museums and gardens

This is Skåne in miniature, with 360,000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens.

Season 2014 - themed in colour!

Sky blue, rose red or fog grey, what is your favourite colour? This year at Fredriksdal we are diving deep into the world of colour. We will enlighten you about the ancient craft of dyeing, the origins of colour, why we are attracted to specific colours and what effects colours have on humans and in nature. 

We will paint the picture for this year’s theme using natural pigments and synthetic colours as well as investigating the role of colour in representing opinion or status. We are highlighting this year’s theme of colour in various places at Fredriksdal. At the same time, we present the province of Scania in miniature with several parks, gardens, natural areas, crops, a manor house, an old town quarter and farm dwellings with animals. We are a place where culture and nature are constantly changing according to the seasons. 

We are both a provincial botanical garden and an openairmuseum - the only one of its kind in the Nordic region. Welcome to Fredriksdal’s colourful world!

About us

Nowhere in Europe will you find an equivalent to Fredriksdal. This is Skåne in miniature, with 360,000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens. Here, the history and diversity of the countryside are caringly kept alive. With its museums and gardens, Fredriksdal offers interesting activities for all ages, all year round. 

Take an explanatory walk, watch the animals grazing or join the manor maids for an interesting tour. Buy a bag of old fashioned sweets in the old town quarter, or your favourite rose in the flower shop. Find answers to your questions on nature or folklore, or just lie back and relax in a hammock.

With its historical parks and gardens, houses and farms, animals, meadows, woods and pastures, all situated around an eighteenth century manor house, a visit to Fredriksdal is like making a journey back into the past.




Fredriksdal museer och trädgårdar 
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