Welcome to Fredriksdal museums and gardens

This is Skåne in miniature, with 360 000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens.

Fredriksdal museums and gardens is one of the largest open-air museums in Sweden. This hidden gem in Helsingborg features an eighteenth-century mansion, historical buildings and a working farm set in a unique landscape spread out over several gardens, parks and fields.

The preserved town quarters arelined with cobbled streets and traditional shops. Along with the farms, old buildings, grazing animals and charming gazebos Fredriksdal is truly enchanting. The museums and gardens are distinct in many ways; they are home to botanical gardens with flowers and plants from the region, a spectacular collection of roses, historical kitchen and herb gardens and various meadows and pastures.

A wide variety of exhibitions, events, walks and lectures are arranged throughout the year at Fredriksdal. The museums and gardens are open year-round and offer something of interest for visitors of all ages.

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Fredriksdal museer och trädgårdar 
Besöksadress: Gisela Trapps väg 1

Postadress: 251 89 Helsingborg


På telefon 042-10 45 00 når du Helsingborgs Kontaktcenter som kan svara på frågor rörande Fredriksdal och koppla dig vidare till rätt person vid behov.

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