Welcome to Fredriksdal museums and gardens

Nowhere in Europe will you find an equivalent to Fredriksdal. This is Skåne in miniature, with 360,000 square metres of unique settings, buildings and gardens. Here, the history and diversity of the countryside are caringly kept alive. With its museums and gardens, Fredriksdal offers interesting activities for all ages, all year round.

Take an explanatory walk, watch the animals grazing or join the manor maids for an interesting tour. Buy a bag of old fashioned sweets in the old town quarter, or your favourite rose in the flower shop. Find answers to your questions on nature or folklore, or just lie back and relax in a hammock.

With its historical parks and gardens, houses and farms, animals, meadows, woods and pastures, all situated around an eighteenth century manor house, a visit to Fredriksdal is like making a journey back into the past.

  • Adults: 80 SEK
    Children up to 18 years (up to 16, only in the company of adults): Admission free

    Students from 19 years: 40 SEK (with student ID)

    “Kulturkortet”: Admission free*
    Museum Society’s season ticket: Admission free*

    Admission free October to March (except for events).

    *) Not valid for ”Väsenvandring” (Troll tour, in October)

    Prices for events with increased admission**

    Adults: 120 SEK
    Pensioners: 120  SEK
    Adult students from 19 years: 120 SEK

    Children up to 18 years: Admission free (up to 16, only in the company of adults)              

    "Kulturkort”: Admission free
    Museum Society’s season ticket: Admission free

    **) Rose Day, Michaelmas Market and Christmas at Fredriksdal.

  • Open daily*
    May 10am – 5pm
    June - August 10am - 7pm
    September 10am – 5pm
    October - April 11am – 4pm

    *) Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

  • Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens
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  • We arrange guided walks, tailor-made to suit you, with interesting itineraries and exciting experiences, as well as special activities designed to reflect the interests of your group. Everything from a one-hour stroll around Fredriksdal to tailor made programmes of practical activities.

    All our tours are designed to suit the needs and wishes of your group. At Fredriksdal there are several to choose from, including horticultural tours, cultural history tours or perhaps a little of everything.

    Fredriksdals walk

    An entertaining presentation of Fredriksdals museums and gardens, covering both cultural history and the natural world. When the fields are in bloom we will wander through the abundant flora, and as autumn draws near one can see some of our 130 different types of fruit ripening on the trees. Enrich your sense of smell in the herb and spice garden, while discovering all about the use of spices in folklore. Listen to the history of the people and the Manor House from the 18th century and why Fredriksdal came to be. During the walk you will certainly meet some of our traditional livestock, and we end our walk either in the town's old quarter or on a rustic farm.

    Price: 1300 SEK per hour/guide (max. 40 persons/guide) + admission

    Garden Walk

    Our first visit is to the rose garden after which we stroll through the French and English parks. Our tour takes us into our unique botanical landscape garden where you can experience the rich variety of Scania's (Skåne's) countryside. The tour is varied according to the time of year so that visitors are able to experience the changes in the world of nature.

    Price: 1300 SEK per hour/guide (max. 40 persons/guide) + admission

    Cultural History Tour

    Your guide will talk about life as it used to be in the town and countryside and you will be able to experience both manor house surroundings and peasant culture. The walk includes a visit to Lillaryd, a rustic farm dating from the 17th century where we can get a picture of what it was like to live and work the land in a country settlement of the time. The traditional country breeds are well suited to this lifestyle. We continue to the old town quarter and look in on the traditional craft workshops.

    Price: 1300 SEK per hour/guide (max 40 persons/guide) + admission

    Specialist tours

    Specialist tours for those with special interests and some existing knowledge.


    Our rose expert will take you through our fantastic rose garden and learn for example, the characteristic features of different varieties of rose or why some roses have masses of sepals and stems. Listen to an entertaining history of rose names and their origins and take the opportunity to get handy hints and tips on looking after your roses.

    Prices for Expert tours: 1850 SEK per hour/guide (max. 40 persons/guide) + admission.

    Natural landscape garden

    Fredriksdal's botanical garden is the only natural landscape garden in the Nordic countries. We display Scania's (Skåne's) wild plants partly in a themed garden and partly in a display that nature chose for itself. Join our plant ecologist on an entertaining and informative walk for a closer look at some common and some unusual varieties.

    Prices for Expert tours: 1850 SEK per hour/guide (max. 40 persons/guide) + admission.

    Customise your event

    Our fantastic grounds make it possible for us to arrange either educational or easy-going group activities. We are very experienced in organising a variety of different programmes for companies and associations. Feel free to discuss your ideas and requirements with our reservations staff and we will tailor a schedule for you. Here are some suggestions for Group Activities:

    Quiz and games

    Start with a stroll in the parks and gardens and learn about Scanian nature and culture. Thereafter, we challenge you in a quiz with questions on life in the city and countryside. In autumn we offer apple tastings with Scanian apples. The games are traditional and may include horseshoe pitching and archery amongst others.

    Prices for Customise your event and Group Activity: to be agreed.

    Reservations and information

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